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Jiang Zemin Hails 100th Anniversary of Nine Universities ””
Delegates from Non-state Firms: New Faces at CPC Congress ””
Chinese Leaders Greet East Timorese Counterparts on Independence ””
| Business |
China Publishes First "White Paper" on Listed Companies ””
| Sci&Tech |
China Allows Research Bodies to Own State-funded Patents ””
| Culture |
Central College of Judicial Police Officers Set Up ””
| Life |
Minister Issues Warning on National Ferry Security ””

Israeli Troops Reoccupy Tulkarm( 05/21-04:05)
Jiang Zemin Hails 100th Anniversary of Nine Universities
President Jiang Zemin has sent a letter to congratulate the 100th anniversary of the founding of nine universities in east China's Jiangsu Province. A ceremony to mark the anniversary was held in Nanjing, the provincial capital, Monday.
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Women and men set out towards rose gardens and mountain slopes before dawn, roaming around with baskets under their arms and picking flowers when the aroma is condensed and intoxicating.
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Li Ruihuan's Visit
CPPCC Chairman Ends Visit to Bulgaria, Arrives in Slovenia
Li Lanqing Visits 3 Countries
Chinese Vice-Premier Meets Greek Minister on Cultural Exchange Expansion
U.S. Rejects Ending Trade Embargo on Cuba
Bush Rejected Idea of Lifting Trade Embargo against Cuba
East Timor Becomes World's Newest Country
China, East Timor Establish Diplomatic Relations
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Asia-Pacific | Americas | Europe | Africa | Middle East
””   Asia-Pacific          | More... |  
  • Indian PM to Visit Jammu, Kashmir( 05/21-01:13)
  • India Continues Firing Across LoC in Kashir: Press Release( 05/20-23:43)
  • ROUNDUP: East Timor Independence Wins World Support But Also Faces Challenges( 05/20-22:50)
  • Indonesian MPs for Better Relations With East Timor ( 05/20-20:26)
  • Pakistan Urges Int'l Community to Convince India for Peace Talks ( 05/20-20:23)

     Americas                       | More... |
  • U.S. Resumes Diplomacy to Quell Tensions in South Asia( 05/21-05:22)
  • U.S. Senator Warns of Terror Attacks by Groups Other Than Al Qaeda( 05/21-03:32)
  • U.N.-Iraq Talks to Resume in Early July( 05/21-02:29)
  • FBI Director Says Suicide Bombers to Hit U.S. Inevitably( 05/21-01:47)
  • Funding Shortages Undermine Key WFP Operations( 05/21-00:45)
    ””   Europe                   | More... |  
  • Chinese Vice Premier Meets Greek PM ( 05/21-05:31)
  • Legislative Race Opens in France( 05/20-23:42)
  • Russia Favors Closer Ties With Japan Despite Territorial Dispute ( 05/20-21:57)

         Africa                      | More... |  
  • Huge Diamond Allegedly Smuggled Out of S. Leone( 05/21-04:44)
  • U.S. Treasury Secretary to Visit Ghana on Aid Mission( 05/21-02:46)
  • Regional Integration Stepping Stone to Joining World Economy: Minister ( 05/20-22:23)

     Middle East                | More... |
  • Four Israeli Ministers Fired for Rejecting Economic Plan( 05/21-05:23)
  • Israel Denies Any Link to Car Bombing in Lebanon( 05/20-23:57)
  • Palestinian Radical Militia Blames Israel for Car Explosion ( 05/20-21:51)
                         | More... | ””
  • Most Brazilians to Back Argentina Should Brazil be Eliminated in World Cup( 05/21-08:55)
  • Brazilian Press Applauds Inclusion of Gaucho in World Cup Squad( 05/21-08:55)
  • World Cup Favorite Argentina Hungry for Glory, Burruchaga( 05/21-08:55)

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